• Celtic Mindfulness​


    Weaving the comforting combination of Celtic music with meditation, Frank O’Connor who is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and professional musician leads this weekly group. Frank was born and raised in Ireland; he brings an authentic voice and compassionate heart to all of his classes.

  • Insight


    Gaining a deeper understanding of our inner reality can help us sow seeds of lasting happiness in our lives. In this vipassana-style meditation we learn to relax the body, focus our mind, open the heart, and allow new possibilities into our lives.

    Come sit with us for this 20 minute guided meditation. Beginners welcome, no experience necessary!

  • Mindful Basics Meditation

    A weekly  offering for simple techniques to cultivate calm, focus, and a positive outlook while reducing the effects of stress and anxiety. This 45 minute class will begin with a brief introduction of mindfulness practice and its benefits followed by a guided meditation. All levels welcome, beginners encouraged.

  • Hsin Tao - Meditation in Movement

    Hsin Tao (Xun Tao), is a taoist practice involving deep meditative breathing and movement.  Hsin Tao involves gentle, flowing movements of the arms, legs, head, and torso, with a focus on using our breathing muscle, the diaphragm. Hsin Tao can help improve concentration and balance, calm our mind  and reduce stress, and make us more aware of our mind and body. The practice will be led and facilitated by Luigi Petrigh-Dove.  Luigi is an avid athlete, and committed to life-long learning.  No experience needed, donation-based.